How Credible is our Media?

The media are supposed to present what is happening in the world correctly and critically. But what if the media themselves do not know whether what they report is true? What if they have to blindly trust their "official" sources because doing their own research is too costly?
When, as a consequence, the reporting of established media converges over a longer period of time and the same information is passed on everywhere, one can sometimes wake up and ask oneself: Is this true?

But who knows the truth about reality? At a certain level, we have to capitulate to the uncontrollability or traceability of news and simply believe what is published. Credibility is the measure of the willingness to accept statements as valid. But how do you recognize credibility? What actually constitutes credibility?

We ask ourselves and you this question with our credibility radar. This rep.bit survey, we have developed in collaboration with causavera Marketing Research.

In our survey, you can share your own opinion on Tagesschau, RKI, Spiegel & Co and at the same time get exclusive insights into the results of the study!


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