Uncover and utilize patterns with the rep.bit scorecard.

With the rep.bit scorecard we discover patterns. This means we evaluate the insight into the three resonance fields and develop an understanding of the state and possibilities for the future.

Based on this knowledge, the next step is to develop the necessary strategy for the development of resonance models and constantly measure the strategy and its impact on the resonance fields and the increase in brand value.

The company is an econometric model that forecasts sales and earnings. These three areas must be in harmony, otherwise the planning will not be met. The goal is to change the attitudes and behavior of consumers and employees, but also to create a dialogue between brand and consumer and between company and employees.

Therefore, our model is a way of working that allows you to regularly review feedback, making development transparent and, most importantly, tracking reactions to actions.

Uncovering the resonance and dialog fields between these three success factors also means revealing corporate data that would otherwise remain hidden, but is very important for one's own business success.